Counterpoise wants creative women to thrive artistically

and financially.

THAT'S WHY WE're here. 


Phase One Explained

Women helping each other make strides

It works on two levels. 

We will create peer groups, called Pods. They are a bit like a cheerleading squad and an advisory board rolled into one. Each pod has 5-6 women in creative roles within the arts and cultural industry. They meet once a month to discuss progress and challenges, share advice and provide accountability.  The Pods are self-led, but Counterpoise will provide a framework to work with. 


That’s what The Circle is for. The Circle is a monthly online meeting hosted by a seasoned coach, where all members of all Pods are invited. Exercises and discussions will help participants create a long-term professional strategy to follow through on personal goals. And to cultivate creative business skills, an entrepreneurial mindset and a supportive culture along the way. 

We're running our Peer Coaching Pilot Programme during the first six months of 2020, with pods in London, Copenhagen and online. Based on this, we're planning to run the programme on a regular basis.


THE FUTURE may bring a whole bunch of other event formats... show-and-tells, curated lunch meetings and creative speed-dating. But the affordable, interdisciplinary long-term support provided by the Pods will always be the backbone and beating heart of the Counterpoise network. 

we WIll open for new applicants later in 2020

Phase Two Explained


Once we’ve formed a gang of inspiring, creative women, we are going to step up our game and create concrete earning opportunities for our members. This can be ways to make the side hustle easier, better paid and more relevant to your main practice. Or it can be access to supporters, commissions and new types of income streams. We want to increase the appetite for art outside the usual bounds 'cause in an increasingly complex and automated world, the value of ever-so-human creativity will only grow. 

We have some ideas, you have some ideas. Let's explore and experiment until we find the best way.


We’re thinking… 

Job Agency focused on art-related gigs outside the art circuit.

Commissions for companies, restaurants, hotels.


A community of art-loving supporters, who benefit from studio visits and art-related retreats or holidays.

A Counterpoise charity to manage grant applications, enabling members to access funds otherwise earmarked for charities and providing tax benefits for donors. This ‘fiscal sponsorship’ model is common in the US.

Say wHY?

Because art is not a luxury.

it is a necessity.

The cultural sector plays a crucial role in defining the public conversation, broadening narratives and exploring alternative futures. Art provides a space for reflection. It deepens our engagement with the world. 

Because the creative industry IS DOMINATED BY MEN. And women rock. 

Gender equality has improved in many parts of society, but the creative sector is lacking behind. Women make less money and win less awards. And our society is poorer because of it.

Because the myth of the starving artist is PASSé. Creatives are professionals. 

Contrary to the romantic cliché, financial insecurity does not produce good art. The creative industry is central to the economy and drives innovation at all levels. Creativity is indispensable and worth every penny.

Because you don’t have to face it all alone. Join us. 

It’s a demanding one-woman business to make it in a highly competitive industry. Sharing experiences across disciplines creates synergy and energy.

A supportive network makes everything easier. And more fun.


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